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Creating new futures for young people with highly complex needs

Since 1985, we’ve been transforming the lives of looked-after children and young people with the most complex needs in the UK.

Our integrated approach to care, education and therapy, offers unrivalled placement stability, which brings about successful outcomes for the young people in our care... More about us

Read about the experiences of some of our young people in the current issue of 'in practice' the Bryn Melyn Care Newsletter.

Cases Studies

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Keywords:Physical abuse, sexual abuse, inappropriate sexualised behaviour, challenging behaviour, aggression and violence, personality disorder.

Age 17 years on admission, 13 month placement... Read case study


Keywords:Neglect, abuse, violence, arson, absconding, attachment disorder, personality disorder, integration, semi-independence

Age 14 years on admission, 2 year placement... Read case study


Keywords:Arson, self-harm, bullying, violence, inappropriate sexualised behaviour, semi-independence

17 years old on admission, 12 month placement... Read case study